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28 January 2020

Hands-On in the Himalayas

by Syd Briscoe

Hnutí Brontosaurus: “Physics in Little Tibet” - 2 mins 20s

The importance of keeping inquisitive young minds occupied takes centre stage in this fascinating film for Czech conservation group Hnuti Brontosaurus (Brontosaurus in the Himalayas). The action centres on a kid named Dorjey, who wreaks havoc after a volunteer leaves a physics textbook behind in his home village. With only written instructions as a guide, the lad's experiments quickly become… unstable.

In addition to highlighting the need for adequate science teaching in rural areas such as Little Tibet, this film is a charming exploration of how children learn by doing. From helpful innovations (eg a reel and pulley system, an egg cooker) to mischief managed (Dorjey rocket ship is a standout piece of tech), one can only hope that regular STEM classes will channel his brainpower in constructive ways. For his long-suffering mum's sake, if nothing else.

Director: Marek Partyš Ⓦ (Blink Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Production Designer: Aleš Nenička / Jiří Dulík

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