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7 May 2019

Are any of us okay?

by Alice May

Halo Top: “Love” - 30s

We've featured this campaign for Halo Top before, but this spot for the protein-rich ice cream for adults is so crushingly good it deserves highlighting.

A cute couple of kids get a lesson in love from the jaded vendor as they wait expectantly at the van. Before they can ask for anything, he points out that "cute doesn't get you ice cream" - then goes on to explain what does.

The look of bewildered incomprehension on the faces of these innocent lovers is a picture, compounded by the arrival of a grown-up who evidently qualifies for industrial quantities of ice cream.

It's summed up in that cheery childlike jingle at the end, which belies the message that it's a bleak world out there and adults need respite in a comfort food they can eat without guilt.

All round, this is a great campaign, and the casting is excellent. The vendor brings to mind a young Bill Murray, his jaunty uniform unable to contain the miasma of cynical yet avuncular wisdom that seeps from his core.

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