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24 September 2019

Aiding and abetting a desperate bluff.

by Jason Stone

HM Government: “Get Ready for Brexit” - 30s

The United Kingdom's extraordinary act of folly continues to reverberate in every arena as its sensible inhabitants are frogmarched to the brink of disaster alongside the malcontents who voted for the Brexit catastrophe. Never have so many stood to lose much for the benefit of so few... Jacob Rees-Mogg and his fellow disaster capitalists are rubbing their grubby little hands together with glee at their successful heist.

History will harshly judge those who facilitated this farrago of self-harm. And, rightly so. That now includes anyone who has participated making of this film, and the others like it, which purport to remind the public that they're going to have to make some serious adjustments should the current Prime Minister succeed in yanking us out of the EU regardless of our country's preparedness.

Despite the dearth of information disseminated by the incompetent, self-serving idiots driving us towards calamity, most people are conscious of the disruption to come, and they don't really require platitudinous nonsense to remind them.

So why spend money on such a pointless campaign? The answer, of course, is propaganda. This campaign is designed to be noticed by the EU's negotiators as part of a desperate bid by Prime Minister Johnson to convince them that he is willing to crash out the EU and weather the resulting shitstorm. Thus, this campaign's authors are playing an unwitting role in Johnson's irresponsible bluff. If they possess consciences then they will regret lending their experience to this projectů even if - as appears to be the case - they sneakily decided to withhold their skill, imagination and creativity.

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