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16 August 2019

Mutually assured salvation.

by Andrew MacGregor

Greenpeace: “Change is Coming” - 1 min 36s

Greenpeace insist we're well past the scaremongering stage when it comes to the effects of fossil fuels (specifically coal) on the environment. Thus, the NGO present Australians with a country ravaged by bushfires, drought, and polluted air.

Director Kevin Lim and DP Ashley Barron do a convincing job of showing the Land Down Under on its knees, as farmers survey fields of dirt and sheep skulls, homes are ravaged by flames, and children struggle to breathe during playtime.

The ad culminates in a typically stirring call to arms. Whether setting off green smoke flares in a crowded area is a wise move or not remains to be seen, but it does help sell the brand's combative ethos.

Cinematographer: Ashley Barron ♀
Production Designer: Aisha Gabrielle
Voiceover: Isabel Lucas

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