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7 February 2020

Momentary Bliss (ft. Slowthai and Slaves)

by Andrew MacGregor

Gorillaz: “Momentary Bliss (ft. Slowthai and Slaves)” - 5 mins

Gorillaz recruit the SAS (that’s Slaves and slowthai) for new single ‘Momentary Bliss’, which proclaims: “We could do so much better than this.” Fortunately, this doesn’t refer to Laurie Vincent, Isaac Holman, Tyron Kaymone Frampton, or Damon Albarn’s performances.

Nor does it refer to animation studio The Line’s hybrid promo, which playfully slots each Gorillaz bandmate alongside their flesh-and-blood counterparts. It’s good to know 2-D, Noodle, Russel, and Murdoc can play well with others.

The lyrics, in fact, are a maelstrom of processed meat products (“You’re a Turkey Twizzler, you deserve school dinners”) and barbs about rampant consumerism (“All you need to change your face/You’re gettin’ sold, it’s such a waste”). Doom and gloom that’s surprisingly easy on the ear.

Camera Operator: Missy Albarn
Compositor: Freddie Lewis-Wall
Animation: Alvise Zennaro / Setareh Seto / Tim McCourt / Diego Porral

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