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28 January 2019

This Land

by Andrew MacGregor

Gary Clark, Jr.: “This Land” - 6 mins 40s

Arcade Fire, Gorillaz, and Janelle Monae are just some of the artists who've vented their musical spleen over Donald Trump's presidency, but few have done so as powerfully as Gary Clark Jr. The Texan guitarist's latest track, ‘This Land', is all buzzsaw riffs and biting lyrics, with director Savanah Leaf delivering an equally combustive promo.

Shifting between a balcony performance, a roaring fire, and a cast of wandering children, Leaf crafts a balmy visual accompaniment to Clark Jr's ire. With lyrics like, "I see you looking out your window/Can't wait to call the police on me", his polemic against America's racist landscape is a warning to any nearby snakes in the grass.

Director: Savanah Leaf ♀ Ⓟ Ⓦ (Lief Ⓟ Ⓦ)
Producer: Alicia Martinez
Production M'ger: Charles Mulford
Production Co-ord: David Tenczar
Executive Producer: Danielle Hinde / Jason Cole / Devin Sarno
Cinematographer: Larkin Seiple
Production Designer: Mike Bayer
Costume Design: Rachel Jones
Make-Up: Meredith Johns
Editor: Arianna Tomasettig
Casting: Karmen Leech

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