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30 April 2019

Tastes Good With The Money

by Alice May

Fat White Family: “Tastes Good With The Money” - 5 mins 44s

Since their first release 'Touch The Leather', we at David have followed Fat White Family's wobbly trajectory with interest. This is a band whose ramshackle, controversial, drug-fuelled crystallisation looked instinctively like the most interesting thing to happen to alternative music in a couple of decades.

They'd either implode before they got real recognition, or they'd fuse into some new, crazy atom on the periodic table that would attach itself to the DNA of anyone who came into contact with it.

Well, they did both. After their unsettlingly brilliant debut album 'Champagne Holocaust', they wrestled with the difficult second album syndrome - 'Songs For Our Mothers' - before hitting their coming of age release 'Serfs Up!' - a play on the Beach Boys' 'Surf's Up'.

This isn't the place to discuss the significance of the departure and return of band member Saul Adamczewski: plenty of info is out there if you look for it. But he's the lynchpin who has turned the band from raw sleaze into glam rock sleaze (though 'Bobby's Boyfriend' is pure early FWF nonetheless). In keeping with all this, Róisín Murphy's video for the second release from 'Serfs Up!' is a wonderful, Pythonesque bloodbath reminiscent of the Black Knight scene circa Brideshead Revisited - abetted by a choir straight from a Fisherman's Friend ad.

Yes, we did say Róisín Murphy; singer-songwriter, producer; half of trip-hop duo Moloko and with that addictively brilliant track Overpowered to her name.

The band are enthusiastic joiner-inners of the proceedings as vocalist Lias Saoudi in his best Hilda Ogden guise tries to stuff a chicken with a cat, and younger brother Nathan plays the piano like a corrupt Richard Clayderman.

So what's it all about?

The corrosive effect of too much money, no doubt. Whether it's from the perspective of the wealthy themselves for whom the painting in the attic is worth the pleasure in the here and now, or that of the have-nots who can't laugh off the frailties of the human body, it's as dark as it is slapstick.

All the same, the overriding impression we take from the video is that they're all having a great time and there isn't any savage internecine hostility at all. Yet.

Producer: Astrid Edwards ♀
1st AD: James Dyer
2nd AD: Elvis
Cinematographer: Gabi Norland
1st AC / Focus Puller: Chris Hayden
2nd AC: Theresa Adamson
Gaffer: Joe Williams
Spark: Jonny Boomer
Art Department: Claudia Lyster
Costume Design: Polly Banks
Hair Design: Darren Evans
Make-Up: Darren Evans
Colourist: Connor Coolbear @ Electric Theatre Collective Ⓟ Ⓦ
Performance: Fat White Family / Baxter Dury
Location: The Ivy House, Hampton Court

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