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4 July 2019

CG goes for the big reveal

by Alice May

Ed Sheeran: “Cross Me (Making-Of)” - 4 mins 15s

'Making of' films seldom make compelling viewing, but this short documentary about the creation of Ed Sheeran's latest promo is fascinating stuff.

Director Ryan Staake and MPC worked closely together - and, of necessity, speedily - to come up with a concept which blends CG and reality in an elaborate reflection of the song's lyrics.

As MPC's lead CG artist Dominic Alderson points out in the film: "It's not often we get a project like this where the behind-the-scenes of motion capture is showcased so prominently in the final creative product," and as a result we get to marvel at some of the astonishing capabilities of the tools available - and the artistry with which they're used.

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