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20 May 2019


by Andrew MacGregor

Dense & Pika: “Slowhand” - 4 mins 34s

This hypnotic promo for Dense & Pika's ‘Slowhand' is a phonographic trip. Set deep within the horn of a gramophone, director Ben Parkin's blend of live-action and animation shows precisely what happens when needle meets vinyl… and it involves, to borrow a phrase from Elton John, a tiny dancer.

This takes the form of an austere gentleman in a long black coat, who responds to the track's pulsing groove with faintly mechanical body movements. Shot in black-and-white and straight-faced to the hilt, he's a Lynchian party animal.

His uncanny one-man rave is offset by snippets of colourful, abstract animation, which seem to represent the joy of music simmering beneath the surface. Surreal yet infectiously so, it's a worthy tribute to how music manifests itself both internally and externally.

Film Production: Dirty Films Ⓟ Ⓦ
Director: Ben Parkin
Producer: Rebecca Gravil
Executive Producer: Ben Parkin / Alex Bedford
Cinematographer: Felix Schmlinsky
Choreography: Rebecca Whitbread
Editor: Ben Parkin / Harry Fisher (Online)
Performance: John Scaife

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