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7 November 2019

Chew on it.

by Andrew MacGregor

Comedy Central: “Waiting: Gum” - 3 mins 15s

A brother and sister's grief over their late grandfather quickly dissipates in this comedy short from director Freddie Waters. While the deceased lies in an open casket, Ross (Ryan Samspon) and Kerry (Harriet Webb) vent their spleen, chew sour apple-flavoured gum, and bicker how to pronounce the term "anger issues". Yes, it's trickier than you might think.

Their tactless back-and-forth is sold well by Sampson and Webb, as is a gross-out gag that shows why caskets and confectionary should never go together. Ultimately though, it's a cheeky reminder that if you can't say something nice, you can always say something cruel instead.

Director: Freddie Waters Ⓦ (Outsider Ⓟ Ⓦ)
1st AD: Ty Hack
Cinematographer: Seppe van Grieken
Gaffer: Ben Miller
Production Designer: Zoe Payne
Wardrobe: Scarlett Wallis
Editor: Rachael Spann ♀ Ⓟ Ⓦ @ Work Ⓟ Ⓦ

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