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24 November 2017

Apple: A real difference.

by Jason Stone

Apple: “Open” - 2 mins 03s

This film for Apple offers a take on diversity that is wholly admirable and that's because it's authentic. While other businesses - including many of advertising's finest - talk a good game when it comes to diversity, Apple are able to demonstrate that they are getting on with it through this celebration of difference directed by Skunk's Georgi Banks Davies.

There aren't many clichés repeated more often than 'actions speak louder than words'... but that's partly because it's true. While advertising companies are permanently on the brink of a new era of inclusivity, Apple have quietly taken action and this film offers an insight into the scale of diversity at the tech company's UK base and - by presenting Apple's employees warmly - reminds us that when we talk about 'diversity', we are talking about other people with their own rich lives.

Film Production: Skunk London Ⓦ
Director: Georgi Banks Davies
Producer: Toby Courlander
Executive Producer: Kate Taylor
Cinematography: Todd Banhazl
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