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4 March 2020

A Bite of The Apple

by Syd Briscoe

Apple: “Behind the Mac: Anime” - 30s

Whatever Apple naysayers may think about the tech giant, it's impossible to deny that they have one of they most recognisable brand logos on the planet. The eponymous image has often been featured in cartoons and live-action films and TV alike, from chomped-on pears swerving copyright infringement to strategically-applied stickers allowing YouTubers plausible deniability about their distinctive silver laptops.

This Japanese commercial makes the most of that ubiquitous presence, stitching together a rapid-fire montage of anime clips to illustrate the MacBook's utility for creatives and students alike. From 'Mr Osomatsu' to 'Your Name', the common denominator is the instantly-identifiable laptop. It's a canny piece of work from Apple, though we're not sure it'll be enough to convince those on a budget.

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