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29 November 2017

Allegro: Born Lucky

by Syd Briscoe

Allegro: “The Talisman” - 4 mins

Allegro's 2016 ad 'English For Beginners' arguably won Christmas last year, so their 2017 festive outing has big shoes to fill. This year's effort sees a young boy become enamoured with a costume talisman, using it to generate his own luck until he meets someone who needs it more.

With a whopping four minute running time, this feels like more like a short film than an ad. While the concept is ad-sized (boy learns that Christmas is about giving), the narrative meanders and makes a meal out of a small amount of sustenance.

We see the kid use his lucky charm to overcome accidents, and bullies, and crushes, and being called on in class, and influence football matches, and so on... The premise is well established after just a few examples, and the extended build-up sets up a payoff which the climax can't really deliver.

The visuals are well constructed and shot, and the moments of comedy land well, but the extended running time undermines any emotion they create. The sweet story is satisfyingly festive and should be a crowd pleaser... if the audience keeps watching to the end, that is.

Despite the flaws here, it's hard to blame Allegro for taking the epic route when brands increasingly tout 'mini-movie' as the latest commercial breakthrough. 30" and 60" cuts are becoming a rarity, a trend which seems counter-intuitive in an age of diminishing attention spans. This film is a timely reminder that ads may be getting longer, but minutes should be wielded with caution.

Director: Jesper Ericstam Ⓦ (repped in the UK by Nice Shirt Films Ⓟ Ⓦ)
1st AD: Michal Pilat
Cinematography: Henrik Stenberg
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