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22 November 2017

Adagio Skyr: Clear your desk.

by Andrew MacGregor

Adagio Skyr: “Daydreaming” - 52s

Well, this is one way to fight the dreaded mid-morning slump. Adagio Skyr promote their new range with some excitable yogurt preparation. Nothing comes between this office worker and elevenses - paperwork be damned.

While her colleagues look on, the protagonist raids her private stash. She attacks her gloop canvas with granola and pomegranate seeds. Only an inquisitive colleague can halt her slow-mo revelry.

Director Paco Cruz delivers free-form escapism with a big band soundtrack matching the desktop showmanship. We're sure office managers will heartily embrace such behaviour.

Creative Agency: Havas Worldwide Ⓦ
Creative Director: Paulo Pinto
Creative: Rita Cassiano Neves / Nuno Leal
Producer: Marla Santos
Cinematography: Carlos Lopes
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