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6 March 2019

The Visionaries score a hat-trick.

by Andrew MacGregor


The Visionaries have announced a trio of new signings: Jon Yeo, Femi Ladi, and Claire Norowzian.

Always keen to strengthen their pool of independent directors, Visionaries HQ have pinpointed three talents who each bring their own distinct artistic vision and talents to the table. Let's take a closer look at what Yeo, Ladi, and Norowzian have to offer...

1. Jon Yeo

Jon Yeo's background in graphic design influences much of his film work, which often combines visual effects and animation with dynamic live-action sequences.

He's worked with some of the best VFX and creative teams around, and his zest for experimentation has made him director of choice for a wide variety of brands and major TV channels who require something polished.

2. Femi Ladi

British Nigerian director Femi Ladi is a master of subtle storytelling, drawing out the small details of his subjects' lives to allow the richness of their heritage and personality to shine through.

With a knack for finding the sublime in everyday human experiences, he's created emotionally visceral work for brands and music artists alike. His 2018 promo for KWAYE, for example, visually references key points in African history through the mediums of fashion and dance.

3. Claire Norowzian

Born into a filmmaking family, Claire Norowzian made her name as a creative and director with her compelling children's content. Both of her BAFTA wins came from work for Nickelodeon, and her ability coax appealing performances from young actors has evolved into a talent for working with adults, too.

As a result, Norowzian's reel is growing at an impressive rate. Her work blends charm and character with a quirky sense of experimentation and, overall, a tangible love of making films.

For more information on Jon Yeo, Femi Ladi, and Claire Norowzian, get in touch with Corin West at corin@lemonadereps.com or on 07792 675779.

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