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20 March 2020

Pundersons Gardens: a view from the bunker.

by Andrew MacGregor


Pundersons Gardens executive producer Thomas Viney describes their HQ as “sort of a brutalist bunker that’s been built in the back gardens of some Victorian terraced houses.” It also has a courtyard where a dog endearingly has free rein.

So, that’s walkies sorted. What about more traditional office concerns, like storage? According to Viney, co-founder Jeremy Valender "is a perfectionist to the point where he won’t use normal archive boxes but the ones designed by Stanley Kubrick instead.”

Not many would think to express their love of cinema through office supplies, but it’s precisely this kind of thinking PG are proud of. “If it’s not interesting or pushing boundaries in some way,” Viney says, “it’s almost not worth doing.”

This philosophy led to what is perhaps PG’s calling card: 2019’s ‘Making Of’ commercial for Gucci. Together with Gucci art director Chris Simmonds, the company produced a left-field spin on making-of documentaries - or, as one crew member puts it, “a behind-the-scenes behind the scenes”.

Long-listed for the Ciclope Festival 2019 ‘Weird Sh*t’ award, the film is pointedly credited not to a single director, but to Pundersons Gardens as a whole.

"It's because everyone was involved in some capacity," Viney explains. "I don't think there are many companies that would be throwing things together like that and also come out with a clear, coherent voice without having a single director attached to it."

There is nothing nicer than seeing one of your directors approved for a mortgage and make a living like a proper, well-paid adult.

Thomas Viney, EP at Pundersons Gardens.   


The gambit paid off on this occasion, but Viney’s main goal is to nurture his compact directing roster in an ethical fashion: “Some companies sign every director who’s made any kind of noise and bang them on the roster. You’re hoping that someone is going to take off and that’s where you’re going to put your energy. But I don’t think that’s the nicest thing to do."

Instead, Pundersons Gardens "run a much smaller, tighter ship and prefer to develop people over time. People get more face time with the producer and it sort of binds them in the same struggle."

Positively Kubrickian storage solutions.  

It establishes tighter bonds with directors on a personal as well as professional level. According to Viney, “There is nothing nicer than seeing one of your directors approved for a mortgage and make a living like a proper, well-paid adult."

The company themselves are in good nick too, with fifty-percent growth year on year and a sound reputation. As demand from both new and regular clients grows, Viney insists the main goal is always the same: “to make a film that we all agree is really, really, really, really good.”

“I think that’s why we all started this,” Viney concludes. “It was the idea that one day you might be able to make something that was close to genius… and we’re going to. That’s the rolling resolution: to make something that is as close to a masterpiece as possible.”

To learn more about what Pundersons Gardens can bring to your next project, ring Thomas Viney on 020 7739 9554 or email tommy@pundersonsgardens.com.

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