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8 October 2019

Full line-up for CraftWorks.

by Jason Stone


We're running a bit behind the curve with next Monday's CraftWorks but we're finally able to announce the full line-up and it's might fine so get yourselves some tickets and see you there.

We've changed venue because BAFTA is now being refurbished and the event will be held at the Regent Street Cinema between 1.30 and 3.30 next Monday, 13th October - with doors opening at 1.00.

Tickets are 25 plus VAT and can be bought here.

You sound excited. Who have you got? Indeed, it's a stellar line-up. Jonny Parker and Chris Birch from VCCP will be on hand to talk about their amazing work for Cadbury.

I love those films! Who else? The extremely talented Simon Ratigan will be interviewed about his perspective on being a director in these changing times.

Another winning choice. He's terrific. What else? We'll be finding out about the latest instalment in the VR project The Wayback in the company of the award-winning team behind it.

They've captured the spirit of 1966, I gather. That's exactly right.

Are you doing one of your famous Strictly panels? We certainly are... we'll be deciding which is the greatest of all the Nike ads.

Tricky task. Any up-and-coming filmmakers for us? Why, of course... we'll have a screening for Josef Bates's film TIC and the director will be on hand for a Q&A after.

Tickets are 25 plus VAT and can be bought here.

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