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9 January 2020

Florian Joahn is COMPULSORY material.

by Andrew MacGregor


In another life, Florian Joahn could have been a master criminal. His first foray into the arts, so to speak, was making fake passports for him and his school friends. Rather than risk a spot on Interpolís most wanted list, however, Joahn opted to channel his creative energy in a different way.

He became a photographer instead, and quickly gained a reputation for avant-garde looks at race, sexuality, and gender. This led to collaborations with brands and artists alike, as well as a growing desire to pursue film work. Eventually, Joahn crossed paths with COMPULSORY.

In 2018 Joahn co-directed a Mykki Blanco documentary produced by COMPULSORY, and impressed Managing Director Kadri Mahmoud with his input. Keen to see what else the German is capable of, Mahmoud has now added Joahn to the roster.

Florian's healthy career in fashion and photography perfectly aligns... with COMPULSORY's appetite for compelling filmmaking.

Kadri Mahmoud, Managing Director at COMPULSORY.   


"Florian's healthy career in fashion and photography perfectly aligns his taste as a unique creative force with COMPULSORY's appetite for compelling filmmaking," Mahmoud says. "I'm looking forward to announcing more of his upcoming work with us."

For more on what Florian Joahn can bring to your next project, ring COMPULSORY's Stephanie Walton on 020 3740 8983 or email her via stephanie@compulsoryviewing.co.uk.

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