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12 May 2019

Creature's move to mobilise young voters.

by Jason Stone


It started with a tweet. Guardian journalist Zoe Williams asked her 68,000 followers on Twitter if any of them was aware of an advertising agency that might be able to lend some help to a campaign to encourage young people to register in time to vote in the elections for the European Parliament.

This caught the eye of Creature's Dan Cullen-Shute who was willing and able to answer the plea. After an urgent exchange of emails, representatives of the campaigning group Vote For Your Future arrived at Creature's Shoreditch HQ to outline their hopes. And it was on.

Agreeing to donate the agency's time for a cause dear to its heart was an easy decision. The challenge was coming up with something effective in the available time... because there wasn't much of it.

An accelerated process of considering and rejecting ideas put forward by the agency's creative teams brought them to a shortlist and - swiftly after - the decision to run with a campaign built around the slogan 'Give a XXXX'.

Attention-grabbing and irreverent, it felt like it had a chance of engaging with young people who weren't yet registered. And it did.

The creatives on this project were Megan Egan, Poppy Cumming-Spain, Haley Koehn and Whitney Tam, and when DAVID had the opportunity to meet with Megan and Poppy last week alongside Dan Cullen-Shute, they had an obvious pride in the work they'd created. That was before the story in The New European revealed that it had been so effective. They must all be over the moon now... and rightly so.

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